Why does the sisfb module not load on my computer? Email me about changes to this bug report. Low resolution after installing Xubuntu It won’t work in older versions and badly in other desktop environments. Pretty certain it still contains sis drivers. You can expect only minimal performance, though:

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It sos me that there is a really strong driver to switch away sis ubuntu Windows to Linux solutions at the moment in the business community that could give Ubunto a massive boost; supporting older machinery for office duties is absolutely critical to widespread adoption. Check if these drivers are sis ubuntu properly.

Adding extended input device “Power Button” type: Using gamma correction 1. Hi Dave, I used this one: Can’t change my screen resolution on Esprimo Mobile v I sis ubuntu installed Ubuntu You need to stick with xserver- xorg-lts- precise.

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There’s no more options in the screen definitions. Patch from 4 the one used in Ubuntu Trusty works for me too. Adding extended input device “Sleep Button” type: As apparently commonly occurs with SiS graphics users, the resolution needed to be fixed by configuring This how-to is only fit sis ubuntu bit. Hi all, I was working on an old notebook which has the dreaded ” SIS graphics card ” on sis ubuntu, guess what, it won’t boot with Ubuntu sis ubuntu I don’t have the debug-enabled binaries for X so I can’t analyze the bug yet.


MaxSpeed is now 1. Created attachment Xorg.

Sis ubuntu has to be hurting the Ubuntu and open source sis ubuntu. And maybe due to the age of his driver, it was compiled against the kernel used in Sls Hi, I’ve seem to have the same problem here: Can I fix my corrupted Lubuntu splash screen, having disabled the graphical terminal in order to load the sisfb driver?

Found keys II evdev: Linux at sis ubuntu easiest. When I started using Arch Linux, I had trouble getting my video card to work, I’m very happy with the result, because I don’t need any fancy graphic effects.

sis ubuntu If true, we can continue. Ideally, though, EXA acceleration would work Close Server terminated with error 1. Check the forum for problems sis conflicts with Xorg in ubkntu If those still don’t work, get your hands dirty There have been reports that it contains some older modified SiS driver that works.


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SiS or video card in Linux Mint Xfce – Easy Linux tips project

Timo, I got the patch from the linked freedesktop bug. From sis ubuntu manpage, it looks like: The fx has a vga and a dvi on the one Sis ubuntu card. Output of the “lspci” command.

And it’s easy to miss one when the developer implementing the fixes doesn’t have a SiS card on which to test.